Honor Scouts

Every year, a scout is selected to receive the Michael Dikant Annual Honor Scout Award. The list of scouts that have received this award are below.

Troop 253, South Schodack, New York

Scout's Name Scout's Rank Year
S. Stockman LIFE SCOUT 1978
G. Hoyt STAR SCOUT 1979
John Hudson LIFE SCOUT 1980
K. Wood LIFE SCOUT 1981
Stephen Hoyt 1ST CLASS 1982
Brian Leonard STAR SCOUT 1983
Michael Sano STAR SCOUT 1984

Troop 53, Castleton-On-Hudson, New York

Scout's Name Scout's Rank Year
Danny Butterworth 1ST CLASS 1994
Steven Wiley STAR SCOUT 1995
Charles Peter 1ST CLASS 1996
P. David Albertine II 1ST CLASS 1998
Matthew Krug STAR SCOUT 1999
Robert Roth LIFE SCOUT 2000
Seth Hiser 2ND CLASS 2001
Daniel Albertine STAR SCOUT 2002
K C Shafer STAR SCOUT 2003
Dustin Albertine LIFE SCOUT 2004
Seth Hendrick STAR SCOUT 2005


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