This page contains a list of files useful to both scouts and adult volunteers. These files are for the most part not directly hosted by this website, but by other websites. This is simply a convenient, all-in-one spot for the files.

Each file has three links associated with it:

  • Direct - Link to the original file. Use this one to start with.
  • Web Archive - An alternative link in case the original file went down. This is powered by's Wayback Machine. Use this one if the direct link fails.
  • IPFS Link - Another alternative link in case the previous mentioned links no longer work. See this page on Wikipedia on what IPFS is. Use this link as a last resort; it takes the longest to download, and may not even work.

If you are more technically minded and want to metadata used to generate this page to download the files en masse yourself, please visit the file metadata page.

File List


Eagle Required Merit Badge Requirements



Merit Badge Requirements