Welcome to the Troop 53 of Castleton's Website!

...sort of...

bsatroop53.com used to be the official website of Troop 53. The domain expired, and was not renewed. This website simply contains links to archived pages of the original website.

Christmas Tree Sales

If you're here looking for information about Troop 53's annual Christmas tree sale, please go to the Maple Hill Trees website: www.maplehilltrees.com.


My name is Seth Hendrick. I became an Eagle Scout of Troop 53 in 2009. I noticed that my Troop's domain expired, so I purchased it before anyone else was able to, especially since many other websites (such as the village website and Wikipedia) point to this domain, and I didn't want anyone from outside of the troop to run away with it.

If you are part of BSA Troop 53, please contact me at seth@shendrick.net so that I may transfer the domain back to Troop 53.

In the mean time, you can view an archived version of the website from 2009 and 2011 using the links below using the Wayback Machine:

You can also visit my personal site, that tells stories about my time in Troop 53 here: https://troop53stories.shendrick.net. Note, that this is site is NOT officially affiliated with Troop 53 or the BSA.

This website's source code is open source, and viewable on GitHub here: https://github.com/xforever1313/bsatroop53.com